About Us

Chemonorm AG

Chemonorm AG, founded 1978, is an independent Swiss manufacturer for measuring- and regulation technique, dosing technique as well as ozone generators and special developments in quality assurance equipement. Chemonorm AG delivers its equipment worldwide via independent dealers and distributors. Despite the international market presence with its various aspects the company still recognises its roots. We are manufacturing our products under the highest quality aspects to comply with the term MADE IN SWITZERLAND regarding quality, durability and engineering.


CNI-CHEMODATA is the worldwide protected brand name for our measuring and regulation systems. CNI-CHEMODATA has a customer wide renowned reputation regarding getting an excellent product to a fair price. Our brand name is more recognised than our company name. This is due to the many years of consequent marketing of the brand. CNI-CHEMODATA is a registered trademark, therefore protected worldwide, in order to eliminate delivery of products under this name which do not comply with our quality standards.

The personal relationship between our customers and the company

Have you ever placed a call on us? You will be connected very direct with general management. The reason for this has developed since years. Instead of long waiting queues and office clerks without decision competences we enjoy direct customer contact very much. Whenever there is a customer with a problem it will be solved easily and without bureaucracy. Not custom anymore nowadays- but in our company it means daily business. Easy, quick, direct. This is the most feedback we get from customers having had contact with us. This is how we define customer satisfaction.